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Organic/Polymer/Materials Chemistry

Group photo oct 2016

Research in the Qin group is highly interdisciplinary that encompasses areas covering chemistry, physics and engineering. One of our current thrusts is the design, synthesis and integration of novel polymeric materials into organic photovoltaics (OPVs) for low-cost alternative energy sources. Our aim is to understand the fundamental physics and mechanisms behind the operation of OPVs and to improve their efficiencies through design and synthesis of novel polymeric materials, precise morphology control using nanotechnologies and architectural artistry in fabrication of OPV devices. This requires mastering knowledge and skills in different disciplines ranging from traditional organic, physical and polymer chemistry to physics, engineering and newly emerged nanotechnologies.

Positions Available

We welcome motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join our group, please send inquiries to Dr. Yang Qin (

There are currently no post-doc positions open, please check back later.